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Are you looking for an energetically powerful yoga practice to include in your lifestyle? Awaken your inner fire with the use of flexibility, strength, and stamina of power flow yoga. Not only will it promote stress relief, but it will burn calories and improve overall strength and wellbeing. Get ready for an active, fitness-based class that we know you’ll love!

What Is Power Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa power flow is a class where students will learn to awaken their strength, energy, flexibility and also gain a deeper understanding of the various yoga asanas. Individuals who partake in this class will focus on linking their conscious breath while practicing a vigorous and mindful power flow. During this class, it can be expected that one will build strength, flexibility, and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. This class is designed for all levels of yoga students both beginner and advanced. For more information about power flow yoga, please contact us at (321) 345-9379.

Power Flow Poses

Here are a few of the poses that you may be able to expect from our power flow yoga class. If you have any questions about poses that are practiced please contact us.

  • Elevated Chair: This pose will benefit the body by stimulating the body, specifically the abdomen and heart. You can also expect this pose to strengthen the lower half of the body, especially the legs.
  • Extended Side Angle: This pose is beneficial both mentally and physically. It helps you to feel more grounded. The extension is also great for practicing balance and strengthening being stable. You can look at this pose as a body extension that provides a great stretch.
  • Side Plank Knee Crunch: This pose is a great mix between stretching and cardio. Not only will this pose benefit your body by stretching the legs and wrist, but it will also provide balance and core tightening as you move through the crunch.
  • Reverse Warrior: This pose is wonderful for relieving backaches and back pain. It will also strengthen the entire body from ankle to shoulders. It also provides many therapeutic benefits for issues such as osteoporosis or sciatica.
  • Prayer Lunge: The lunge pose promotes strength and stability in the front and back of the torso. It also promotes strength in many areas of the body, which includes the chest, shoulders, legs, arms, and much more. If you’re looking to tone your body, then this pose is a great one to do.

Benefits of Power Flow Yoga

Releases Stress: The practice of yoga decreases stress levels in your body. The combination of breath and body movement can improve overall well-being and bring vital energy into the body.

Aids In Healing: Due to many of the stress-relieving properties that yoga provides, it can help with anxiety, depression, and other illnesses while decreasing blood pressure and heart rate.

Improves Strength and Flexibility: All of the different yoga types are great for toning the muscles and increasing the body’s stamina. It promotes flexibility and can help in decreasing the risk of having severe injuries in the future.

Provides Cardiovascular Benefit: In power flow yoga, the strong and powerful poses that are moved into during this practice will burn calories, boost metabolism and give the heart a healthy workout. 

When Should I Avoid Power Flow Yoga?

There are a few different reasons that you might want to avoid this yoga practice and decide to integrate a different one into your routine. Follow these guidelines before signing up for this class. You should avoid this class if…

  •  If you are pregnant, please avoid this form of yoga and try one of our prenatal yoga classes instead. As always, please consult your doctor before doing any practice while pregnant.
  • If you suffer from any type of chronic pain or arthritis please talk to your doctor before practicing power yoga. You may want to try one of our gentle yoga classes first.
  • This course is for all different types of yogis, however, we ask that you take stock of your body before joining this course. If you have any injuries or feel as though you aren’t able to execute this array of poses, please call us. We want to ensure that our classes will help and not harm you.

Schedule A Power Yoga Session

Are you ready to begin your journey with power flow yoga? Here at Yogi Perogi, we offer our power flow yoga to help students deepen the connection between strength and breathwork.

If you’re interested in taking a class with the Yogi Perogi, check out our class schedule or contact us at (321) 345-9379.

We are ONLINE. Now you can practice with the Yogi Perogi anytime in the comfort of your own home! We have an online membership that will give you access to classes of various lengths, styles, and instructors. We will continue to add fresh content weekly. We also currently have Live Streamed classes. The live classes will connect you to play through an app called Zoom. If you do not have it, we recommend downloading first, so you don’t have to scramble to download it before a class. You cannot access classes directly through Zoom. You need to join classes through our Namastream platform.

We will also slowly add classes and drills/tips on our YouTube channel for you to take at your convenience at this time. Please be sure to check back frequently for any additions/changes to our schedule. You should also create an account with our Online platform with Namastream if you are interested in taking our online classes.