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Prenatal Yoga

In our fast paced lives, yoga is able to provide everyone with a sense of calm and centeredness. How many times have you heard that childbirth is the miracle of life? While that statement is absolutely true, we also know that it can be one of the most stressful times for women. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is constantly changing. Getting involved in Prenatal Yoga in Artesia FL can help center you in times of stress with the physical, mental and emotional changes that you endure. Our prenatal class offers a sense of community during the special time of pregnancy as you move alongside others that may be going through some of the same experiences that you are. Having a support system during this incredible time is so important and we are happy to be able to help provide that.

What is Prenatal Yoga in Artesia FL?

Just like other types of preparatory childbirth classes, prenatal yoga is a gentle approach to exercise that focuses on breathwork, stretching, body position and postural alignment. This practice intends to help keep you relaxed, centered, and as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy. Whether you are new to yoga or not there is no need to have any previous experience to enjoy and benefit from our prenatal class. Yoga is safe for all trimesters of pregnancy once cleared by your doctor.

What To Expect In Your Session

Prenatal yoga classes are similar to gentle yoga classes and restorative yoga. During each class our instructor will be sure to inform you on any necessary modifications to poses to ensure they are safe for you and baby. The health and safety of you and your baby is our top priority. In your prenatal yoga session you can expect a variety of different simple poses and postures. Here are a few things to expect during class:

  • Focused breathing techniques
  • Gentle stretching
  • Practicing postures for your pregnant body that can help strengthen, support and nurture your body through your unique pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Relaxation techniques to center yourself

5 Common Prenatal Yoga Poses

There are 5 most common yoga poses for pregnant women that are comfortable and safe to do during pregnancy.

  1. Cat-Cow Pose (Chakravakasana): A gentle stretch that wakes up the spine and opening up the chest
  2. Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana): A leg strengthening posture pose
  3. Gate Pose (Parighasana): A side stretch that creates more space in the crowded abdomen
  4. Cobblers Pose (Baddha Konasana): a hip opening stretch that is good for the inner thighs
  5. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose (Viparita Karani): A remedy pose for swollen ankles and feet

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    Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga in Artesia FL

      • Prepares For Labor And Delivery– Studies have found that prenatal yoga may help lower pain or intensity in labor, have some women experience less chance for cesarean sections and also decrease labor time.
      • Helps With Common Pregnancy Complaints– You can help your blood circulate in a healthy way during our yoga sessions. Deep breathing during class will also provide extra oxygen to your muscles and the baby. Practicing yoga can help with common discomforts such as back/hip pain, nausea and insomnia.
      • Promotes Connection With Your Body And Baby– Each yoga class will provide a gentle reminder of how your body is changing and growing to accommodate the amazing life that is growing inside of you. As you move through each stage, you’ll accept and appreciate all of the changes that you and your baby are experiencing. 
      • Tone Muscles– Prenatal yoga can tone the arms, back, legs, hips and some core muscles. Building properly toned muscles during your pregnancy can help minimize any aches and pains that each trimester may bring.
    • Reduces Stress– Using different breathing techniques that we will teach you during your prenatal session, not only will you relax in the moment, but it can also prepare you for remaining calm and relaxed in body and mind during labor.

    Tips For A Safe Prenatal Session

    • Talk With Your Healthcare Professional First
    • Drink A Lot Of water
    • Use Props
      • Bolsters, Blankets, Blocks
    • Avoid Backbends And Twists
    • Know Your Limits
    • Listen to Your Body & Baby

    Schedule Your Prenatal Yoga Session in Artesia FL

    To find the prenatal classes that we offer please visit our classes page and join us at the time and day that best fit your schedule. For any other inquiries about classes, training or any of the other things we offer at Yogi Perogi, please contact us via telephone at (321) 354-9379 or by using our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

    We are ONLINE. Now you can practice with the Yogi Perogi anytime in the comfort of your own home! We have an online membership that will give you access to classes of a variety of lengths,styles and instructors. We will continue to add fresh content weekly. We also currently have live streamed classes. The live classes will connect you to play through an app called Zoom.If you do not have it, we recommend downloading first so that you are not scrambling to download before a class. You cannot access classes directly through Zoom. You need to join classes through our Namastream platform. We will also slowly add classes and drills/tips on our YouTube channel for you to take at your convenience. Please check back frequently for additions/changes. Be sure to create an online account with our online platform with Namastream to take any of our online classes.