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Butt Down Beat Ben Plank Challenge

This month we decided to do a social media challenge #Buttdownbeatben. Now a few things may pop into your head like…Who is Ben? Ben has been practicing yoga with us for quite some time and is always encouraging others that he comes into contact with. When we first started with Endurance Conditioning at the studio, we would occasionally have plank off competitions. I would lose and give the excuse that Ben’s butt was up and not in an even plank…which in my defense IT WAS UP.😂 This is where the idea of #buttdownbeatben came into play.

We want everyone to work on our planks. Planks are a great way to improve core strength, glute strength, helps improve our posture and is accessible to do anywhere. Now it may be fun to beat Ben in our plank challenge but the real challenge is to beat your initial time in your plank.

Record/time how long you can hold a plank on your forearms or hands and tag The Yogi Perogi, a friend and with the hashtags #getcorkedup and #buttdownbeatben on Instagram or Facebook. We figured to add a little more flavor to this social media challenge we would offer a drawing. For every five posts you make you will be entered for a drawing for a chance to win one month of unlimited aerial/yoga.

So get to planking and share your progress. Follow the hashtags and cheer each other on!

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