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Yogi Perogi 7 Doors Down!

Looks like October strikes again. For anyone that knows me, it appears I like to make big decisions in October. It must have something to do with the fact that I love FALL. I moved back to Melbourne, Fl six years ago in October, I opened an aerial studio in EGAD in October 3 years ago, I signed a lease on my beautiful yoga studio in Midtown Melbourne 2 years ago, was proposed to my now husband in October last year and NOW signed a lease on an additional ROOM (really it is a space) 7 doors down this October!!

I have been teaching yoga in the Space Coast for the last 6 years and I am very fortunate for a community that allows me to hold a space that I feel is extremely welcoming, encouraging and fun. I hold my personal practice seriously but it doesn’t mean I can’t smile, laugh and connect along the way.

Now to answer a few questions that may come to your mind:

Why didn’t you open a space right next door?
-Trust me…that was the goal, the universe wasn’t having it.

Where exactly is it?
-The current studio is 281 N Babcock St. When facing the studio, it is in the adjacent plaza to the left literally seven doors down.

Why not open up another location further away from your current space?
-My goal is to offer more of a balance of classes at staggering times to give individuals more choices to practice and the ability to practice based on their schedules. I also do not like to cancel classes when we have teacher trainings, so by having two spaces we can simply walk down to the other if class is in session.
I also want to create a space where I can help new yoga teachers who complete their training an opportunity to practice teach more and help mentor if they want. You become a better teacher by TEACHING and to never stop learning. I am very fortunate that when I completed my initial training, I was able to teach a large amount of classes. I taught at many studios, gyms, workforces, hotels, parks, STILL & ALWAYS WILL at Intracoastal, but I started at Downtown Yoga and I still have much respect for them. I want to be a studio that helps teachers grow and helps students grow.

Won’t people get confused with the new space being in the adjacent plaza?
-Probably. I will try to minimize that confusion as much as possible. Change is not comfortable…but the only thing that is constant is change itself. During our busy classes, you are most likely parking seven doors down already. Look at it as the glass is half full as opposed to half empty.

When will you open the second space?
-I have a much more relaxed attitude with this space. I burned myself out when building out 281 Babcock. I fail to mention, I was also starting a home renovation that went on pause because of me opening 281 Babcock. I’m focusing on one thing at a time, painting is done, electrical is almost done and the CORK floors are next. I have four walls, a soon to be installed floor, and then slowly introduce the addition/change of classes. I can say without a doubt the doors will be open by December 1, which is our 2nd year anniversary. Is my goal sooner?…have you met me? Yes. Ideally, I would like to be open by November 1.

How will we know which class is where?
-We try to encourage everyone to sign in online already. When signing in online or via the Mindbody App you will will see the time and the class name with the location. For example: 5:45 Power UP Vinyasa Flow (281 Babcock) or 4:30pm Gentle Flow (323 Babcock) The location will be listed in paranthesesis.

I am beyond excited as we continue to grow thanks to you all!

323 Babcock Seven Doors down in the making

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  1. Jessica Denney

    So excited to see the new space! Congrats!

  2. Michelle

    So thrilled for you and all of us! Nothing better than more Yogi Perogi❤️
    I’m volunteering to help in anyway possible! Please reach out f you need anything. I need a good project

  3. JohnR

    So Incredible that you are growing, and providing growth for so many others. I feel blessed to be able to witness, join, and play with you and the YP Community. Congratulations!

  4. Josh

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